Who are the people behind feminist digital policy?

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About Superrr Lab

SUPERRR Lab is a non-profit organisation that works at the interface between technology and society. It was founded in 2019 by Elisa Lindinger and Julia Kloiber. We question existing digitisation paradigms by introducing new perspectives into the discussions around technology. We work together with civil society, political decision-makers and the tech industry.

We support individuals through our fellowship programmes and develop desirable futures. Our research work examines the social impacts of technology. Our advocacy work questions the power relationships in digitisation and their effects on society. All our work is driven by feminist values such as access, active participation, sustainability and justice through the creation of genuine equity.

About the website

The digital strategy of the German Federal Government (Summer 2022) specifies:

We are increasing our efforts to address the issue of power structures in the digital transformation and are dealing intensively with new perspectives and approaches such as feminist digital policy in order to better understand the risks and dangers of the digital transformation.

However, the fundamental understanding of what feminist digital policy means specifically is still lacking. This is what this website is for. It is an active repository for all issues involving feminist digital policy. We will continuously add new case studies and resources to keep on adding new content to this topic. Our newsletter will inform interested parties about new content and developments, as well as our subject-related events.


If you have any questions regarding feminist digital policy or SUPERRR Lab, write to us at: feministische-digitalpolitik@superrr.net.

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